When one door closes, another one opens.

It seems with each passing year, more of my favorite screenplay consultants are walking away from the business.

I learned this morning that another one of my trusted sources for script notes has closed its doors.

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Long before I became the Script Butcher, I was a wide eyed innocent writer who sent my first screenplay to all the high priced script doctors of the day.  I soon learned that not all the big names out there were worth my hard earned money, but ScriptShark was one of the few who delivered on their promise.

They were affordable, fast, and had a unique system where you received a dual set of notes. Many times from both a male and female reader, each offering different feedback on your material.

I remember being offended and heartbroken by their notes on my first ever screenplay. It was harsh. It was specific. It was good advice. But I was too naive to understand the value they had provided.

Over the years I learned to grow thick skin. To take criticism with open ears. As I continued to study the craft and improve my skills, I would often return to those early ScriptShark notes. There was a quality to them that many other services lacked.

I’m eternally grateful for the wisdom and guidance they gave me. Their feedback was invaluable. I’m sure many other writers out there feel the same.

ScriptShark, along with other script consultants who have since closed their doors, helped me become a better writer. As a consultant now myself, I’m honored to take that same journey with my clients as they develop their craft.

If you’re a former ScriptShark client and looking for a new source of honest professional feedback, I’m confident you will have an equally satisfying experience working with me.

I’m offering a 20% DISCOUNT off my services for any former ScriptShark clients.


TV-PILOT SERVICE – $120 (20% OFF the $150 PRICE)


Each of my service options includes in-depth analysis, constructive criticism and actionable advice on how to improve and optimize the story you’ve created.

You will receive 8-20 pages of notes, as well as on-the-page margin notes covering everything from narrative, characters, dialogue, structure, to theme.

My experience with script doctors I worked with over the years was a crucial part of my journey as a developing writer. I consider them mentors, and almost two decades later we still keep in touch.

I’m hoping to forge new relationships with those of you who considered ScriptShark your trusted source for notes.

I promise to give you the same level of sincere dedication you received from the readers the readers at ScriptShark.

If you order today I can have your notes delivered within 3-5 business days. I look forward to working with you!

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