Other Worlds Austin News!

Excited to announce that Script Butcher is an official sponsor of the Other Worlds Austin Sci-Fi Screenwriting Contest!

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  • Shorts: 40 pages or less, must be original material.
  • Features: 70 pages or more, must be original material.
  • Television
    • Pilots: may be sitcom or one-hour, network or cable (anything longer than one-hour should be submitted as a feature, i.e. a made-for-tv movie), must be fully original, no spinoffs.  Sitcoms tend to be 22-40 pages depending on formatting, one-hours 45-70 pages.
    • Specs: should be for an existing show, on air in the US (BBC America or Showcase shows on Syfy are fine) either currently or in the last year.
    • Retro-Specs: may be for a long-cancelled series (Lost In Space), a spin-off (CSI: Mars), or a television series based on an established property (The Dragonriders of Pern) and should be 22-75 pages in length.  Recently cancelled series (last ten years) are highly discouraged although not prohibited.

Each category finalist will receive a free book from Save the Cat!, a copy of Save the Cat! Story Structure Software 3.0, a free set of Script Butcher notes, and $250 in cash.

Grand Prize Winner selected from the three category winners receives an additional $250 cash.

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Deadline for entries is September 30th!