“You went above and beyond! Best money I ever spent. 10 stars out of 5. Not even kidding. I wish I had your services with my last film. It could have been so much better.” 


Narottama Panitz

“Once again, I’m floored by your brilliance!!! Most definitely bringing another draft and another new script soon.”

N. Mabasa-Mathope

“The Script Butcher, Jimmy George is an outstanding resource for any project and any writer of any level of experience. He has a death grip on narrative, detail, character and structure. Think you might get an Oscar? Jimmy will make it so that you damned sure will. He overhauled everything about a big TV project for me and the entire writers pool is all the better for it.”

John Higgins

“The best money I have spent in a LONG time! I can’t express strongly enough what a great job Jimmy did in giving me feedback, guidance, inspiring ideas, and proofreading. His creative passion and practical experience, shine through in his notes and make his services absolutely invaluable.”

Ryan Thomas

“You better take advantage of this talent before his price doubles and even then it would be well worth it! these notes are the best I have ever received and have took my inspiration to a full catapult ! he truly cares and covers all the grounds! A+ , 10/10, Two Thumbs Up , etc.”

Devin Lotfi

“I’m finding it hard putting into words what Jimmy George has done for my screenplay (and I’m supposed to be a writer…ha). His notes were spectacular, it felt as if he really cared about the words on the paper, and it was more than just a business transaction.”

Matt Pitchford

“Exactly what I wanted – a thorough analysis of my screenplay with all that is good and bad about it brutally exposed. Has given me some very direct pointers to where it should be going and why. Delivered on time. Superb value. Incredible. 5 stars isn’t enough. Thank you.”

Paul Harker

“Above and beyond! Thanks!”

James J. Cartwright

“So much work went into this! I’m so impressed! Thanks!”

Pamela Allison Kay

“Goes above and beyond to provide excellent and professional feedback.”

Sean Morgan